2020-21 Annual Report


This report was released on the Foreign Investment Review Board website which has subsequently been decommissioned. A copy of the report can be accessed via Australian Web Archive - Trove - National Library of Australia.

The total value of investment approvals in 2020‑21 was $233.0 billion. This represents a 19.2 per cent increase from 2019‑20 where the total value of investment was $195.5 billion. It is also an increase from 2018‑19 where the total value of investment was $231.0 billion.

The reporting period saw the implementation of the most significant reforms to the Foreign Acquisition and takeover ACT 1975 since its inception. The reforms, which commenced on 1 January  2021, ensure the foreign investment framework keeps pace with emerging risks and global developments as well as strengthens Australia’s foreign investment regime to ensure Australia continues to realise the benefits of foreign investment