Australia welcomes foreign investment

Foreign investors can be individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships, trustees of trusts (and other entities) or governments investing in land, entities or businesses in Australia.

We assess foreign investment proposals on a case‑by‑case basis under Australia’s foreign investment framework, which is underpinned by The Foreign Acquisition and Takeovers Act 1975.

We review investment proposals to be satisfied that they are not contrary to Australia’s national interest or are not contrary to our national security. We may apply conditions to manage national interest or national security concerns.

Like other countries, Australia reviews foreign investment proposals or applications to ensure inbound investment is in its national interest.

Foreign investment benefits Australia

Foreign investment contributes to the prosperity of Australia’s businesses, communities and our economy.

Foreign investment creates skilled jobs, improves access to overseas markets, enhances export performance and increases income.

The Australian Government promotes foreign investment through its:

  • foreign investment policy
  • international treaties
  • free trade agreements.

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Australia is attractive to investors

Australia offers investors:

  • consistent economic growth
  • a highly skilled workforce
  • proximity to dynamic and fast-growing markets
  • strong governance and legal systems
  • good infrastructure and resources.

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