Residential real estate

If you would like to invest in residential real estate (housing) you will need to submit your application to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Apply and pay the fee use Online services for foreign investors. Please do not submit your application through the FIRB application portal.

To find out more about the vacancy fee, visit ATO's vacancy fee for foreign owners.

For assistance and further questions please contact the ATO on 1800 050 377.

Also see our guidance on residential land

 Residential real estate applications

Lodge a residential property application with before you purchase residential real estate (housing) or land in Australia

When an application is not required

There are some situations where a residential real estate application is not required. For the full list of exemptions see Key Concepts.

Exemption Application required
Australian citizens living abroad No
New Zealand citizens who hold, or are eligible for, a special category visa No
Holders of Australian permanent residency visas No
Joint tenants who are purchasing with their:
  • Australian citizen spouse;
  • Australian permanent resident spouse;
  • New Zealand citizen spouse, who is eligible to hold a special category visa.