Australia welcomes foreign investment

Foreign investment benefits Australia and Australians.

Australia's foreign investment laws ensure that foreign investments are in our national interest.

Australian land investments

Commercial acquisitions

Residential real estate

Submitting an investment proposal for review

Submitting a proposal is the way you give notice of your investment proposal or apply for an exemption certificate or variation, to commence the review and decision process.

How regulation works

Find out how foreign investment regulation in Australia works.

Investment information

An overview of the different types of investments and their regulations.

Roles of government agencies

Learn about the role of government in the regulation of foreign investment.

Proposal checklist

Use the checklist to determine what information you need before submitting a proposal.

Register of Foreign Ownership of Australian Assets

The Register provides the government with improved visibility of foreign investments made in Australia.


You will need to pay a fee when you seek a no objection notification or apply for an exemption certificate or variation.